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Semi-analytical Framework for Modeling Strong Coupling of Quantum Emitters in Electromagnetic Resonators

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posted on 2023-08-26, 16:00 authored by Mohammad Abutoama, George Kountouris, Jesper Mørk, Philip Trøst Kristensen
We present a semi-analytical framework for studying interactions between quantum emitters and general electromagnetic resonators. The method relies on the Lippmann-Schwinger equation to calculate the complex resonance frequencies of the coupled system based only on a single calculation for the electromagnetic resonator without the quantum emitter and with no fitting parameters. This is in stark contrast to standard approaches in the literature, in which the properties of the coupled system are fitted from calculated spectra. As an application example, we consider a recent dielectric cavity design featuring deep subwavelength confinement of light. We find the expected anti-crossing of the emitter and cavity resonance frequencies, and comparing to independent reference calculations, we find an extraordinary quantitative agreement with a relative error below one part in ten thousand. In order to unambiguously connect with the Jaynes-Cummings model, we derive an explicit expression relating the classical description of the emitter, as modeled by a spherical inclusion with a Lorentzian material response, to the dipole moment of the corresponding quantum optical model. The combined framework therefore enables classical calculations to be used for evaluating the coupling strength entering quantum optical theories in a transparent way.



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