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Sequential Self-Assembly for Scalable Fabrication of Disordered Two-Phase Metamaterials

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posted on 2023-03-10, 17:01 authored by Jelena Wohlwend, Georg Haberfehlner, Henning Galinski
Self-assembly processes provide the means to achieve scalable and versatile metamaterials by "bottom-up" fabrication. Despite their enormous potential, especially as a platform for energy materials, self-assembled metamaterials are often limited to single phase systems, and complex multi-phase metamaterials have scarcely been explored.We propose a new approach based on sequential self-assembly that enables the formation of a two-phase metamaterial composed of a disordered network metamaterial with embedded nanoparticles. Taking advantage of both the high-spatial and high-energy resolution of electron energy loss spectroscopy, we observe inhomogeneous localization of light in the network, concurrent with dipolar and higher-order localized surface plasmon modes in the nanoparticles. Moreover, we demonstrate that the coupling strength deviates from the interaction of two classical dipoles when entering the strong coupling regime. The observed energy exchange between two phases in this complex metamaterial, realized solely through self-assembly, implies the possibility to exploit these disordered systems for plasmon-enhanced catalysis.



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