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Silicon anisotropy in a bi-dimensional optomechanical cavity

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posted on 2023-01-10, 03:19 authored by Cauê M. Kersul, Rodrigo Benevides, Flávio Moraes, Gabriel H. M. de Aguiar, Andreas Wallucks, Simon Gröblacher, Gustavo S. Wiederhecker, Thiago P. Mayer Alegre
In this work, we study the effects of mechanical anisotropy in a 2D optomechanical crystal geometry. We fabricate and measure devices with different orientations, showing the dependence of the mechanical spectrum and the optomechanical coupling with the relative angle of the device to the crystallography directions of silicon. Our results show that the device orientation strongly affects its mechanical band structure, which makes the devices more susceptible to fabrication imperfections. Finally, we show that our device is compatible with cryogenic measurements reaching ground state occupancy of 0.2 phonons at mK temperature.



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