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Simple approach for extending the ambiguity-free-range of dual-comb ranging

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posted on 2023-06-08, 12:45 authored by Jakob Fellinger, Georg Winkler, P. E. Collin Aldia, Aline S. Mayer, Valentina Shumakova, Lukas W. Perner, Vito F. Pecile, Tadeusz Martynkien, Pawel Mergo, Grzegorz Sobo, Oliver H. Heckl
Dual-comb (DC) ranging is an established method for high-precision and high-accuracy distance measurements. It is, however, restricted by an inherent length ambiguity and the requirement for complex control loops for comb stabilization. Here, we present a simple approach for expanding the ambiguity-free measurement length of dual-comb ranging by exploiting the intrinsic intensity modulation of a single-cavity dualcolor DC for simultaneous time-of-flight a nd D C distance measurements. This measurement approach enables the measurement of distances up to several hundred km with the precision and accuracy of a dualcomb interferometric setup while providing a high data acquisition rate (~2 kHz) and requiring only the repetition rate of one of the combs to be stabilized.



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