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Simple, fast, yet rigorous modeling of a 355 nm pumped, doubly resonant, linear cavity Type I BBO OPO with spatial walk-off compensation and ISO 13694:2018 beam parameters

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posted on 2023-07-24, 09:33 authored by Robert Stegeman, Julia Norris, John Gregg, Jonathan Evans
A commercially available linear cavity BBO OPO has been modeled with a new method and provides excellent agreement with experimental data. The OPO is doubly resonant linear cavity, uses a single- or dual-pass pump, and has two BBO crystals of 30 mm total length in a walk-off compensation design. The BBO crystals phase-match in a Type I geometry to produce 622 and 827 nm output, and the 355 nm pump experiences 73.778 mrad of spatial walk-off. The energy conversion efficiency agreement between the model and experiment is around 95% in both pump configurations. Neither trigonometric functions nor differential equation solvers are used.


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