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Simultaneous generation and detection of energetic particle and radiation beams from relativistic plasma mirrors driven at kHz repetition rate

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posted on 2023-06-08, 13:03 authored by Jaismeen Kaur, Marie Ouillé, Dan Levy, Louis Daniault, Axel Robbes, Neil Zaïm, Alessandro Flacco, Eyal Kroupp, Victor Malka, Stefan Haessler, Rodrigo Lopez-Martens
We report on the first simultaneous measurement of high-order harmonics, relativistic electrons and low divergence proton beams generated from plasma mirrors driven at kHz repetition rate by relativistic-intensity milliJoule-energy femtosecond laser pulses. This setup enables detailed parametric studies of the particle and radiation spatio-spectral beam properties for a wide range of controlled interaction conditions, such as pulse duration and plasma density scale length. This versatile setup should aid in further understanding the collective laser absorption mechanisms at play during the laser-plasma interaction and in optimizing the secondary beam properties for potential applications.



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