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Simultaneous manipulation of electromagnetic and elastic waves via glide symmetry phoxonic crystal waveguides

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posted on 2023-10-29, 16:00 authored by Linlin Lei, Lingjuan He, Qinghua Liao, Wenxing Liu, Tianbao Yu
A phoxonic crystal waveguide with the glide symmetry is designed, in which both electromagnetic and elastic waves can propagate along the glide plane at the same time. Due to the band-sticking effect, super-cell bands of the waveguide degenerate in pairs at the boundary of the Brillouin zone, causing the appearance of gapless guided-modes in the bandgaps. The gapless guided-modes are single-modes over a relatively large frequency range. By adjusting the magnitude of the glide dislocation, the edge bandgaps of the guided-modes can be further adjusted, so as to achieve photonic and phononic single-mode guided-bands with relatively flat dispersion relationship. In addition, there exists acousto-optic interaction in the cavity constructed by the glide plane. The proposed waveguide has potential applications in the design of novel optomechanical devices.



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