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Single-Shot Local Measurement of Terahertz Correlated Second Harmonic Generation in Laser Air Plasma Filaments

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posted on 2023-10-24, 16:00 authored by Mervin Lim Pac Chong, Kareem J. Garriga Francis, Yiwen E, Xi-Cheng Zhang
We present a single-shot detection method of terahertz-correlated second harmonic generation in plasma-based sources by directly mixing an optical probe into femtosecond laser-induced plasma filaments in air. The single-shot second harmonic trace is obtained by measuring second harmonic generation on a conventional CCD with a spatio-temporally distorted probe beam. The system shows a spectrometer resolution of 22 fs/pixel on the CCD and a true resolution on the order of the probe pulse duration. With considerable THz peak electric field strengths, this formalism can open the door to single-shot THz detection without bandwidth limitations.



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