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Single-photon nonlinearities and blockade from a strongly driven photonic molecule

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posted on 2023-01-10, 02:40 authored by Davide Nigro, Marco Clementi, Camille Sophie Brès, Marco Liscidini, Dario Gerace
Achieving the regime of single-photon nonlinearities in photonic devices just exploiting the intrinsic high-order susceptibilities of conventional materials would open the door to practical semiconductor-based quantum photonic technologies. Here we show that this regime can be achieved in a triply resonant integrated photonic device made of two coupled ring resonators, without necessarily requiring low volume confinement, in a material platform displaying an intrinsic third-order nonlinearity. By strongly driving one of the three resonances of the system, a weak coherent probe at one of the others results in a strongly suppressed two-photon probability at the output, evidenced by antibunched second-order correlation function at zero-time delay under continuous wave driving.



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