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Single-pixel imaging based on weight sort of the Hadamard basis

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posted on 2023-01-12, 15:14 authored by Wen-Kai Yu, Chong Cao, Ying Yang, Ning Wei, Shuo-Fei Wang, Chen-Xi Zhu
Single-pixel imaging (SPI) is very popular in subsampling applications, but the random measurement matrices it typically uses will lead to measurement blindness as well as difficulties in calculation and storage, and will also limit the further reduction in sampling rate. The deterministic Hadamard basis has become an alternative choice due to its orthogonality and structural characteristics. There is evidence that sorting the Hadamard basis is beneficial to further reduce the sampling rate, thus many orderings have emerged, but their relations remain unclear and lack a unified theory. Given this, here we specially propose a concept named selection history, which can record the Hadamard spatial folding process, and build a model based on it to reveal the formation mechanisms of different orderings and to deduce the mutual conversion relationship among them. Then, a weight ordering of the Hadamard basis is proposed. Both numerical simulation and experimental results have demonstrated that with this weight sort technique, the sampling rate, reconstruction time and matrix memory consumption are greatly reduced in comparison to traditional sorting methods. Therefore, we believe that this method may pave the way for real-time single-pixel imaging.



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