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Single-polarization Hybrid Hollow-core Anti-resonant Fiber Designs at 2 $\mu$m

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posted on 2023-03-22, 16:00 authored by Herschel Herring, Md Selim Habib
In this letter, to the best of our knowledge, a new type of hollow-core anti-resonant fiber (HC-ARF) design using hybrid silica/chalcogenide cladding is presented for single-polarization, high-birefringence, and endlessly single-mode operation at 2 $\mu$m wavelength. We show that the inclusion of a chalcogenide layer in the cladding allows strong suppression of $x$-polarization, while maintaining low propagation loss and single-mode propagation for $y$-polarization. The optimized HC-ARF design includes a combination of low propagation loss, high-birefringence, and polarization-extinction ratio (PER) or loss ratio of 0.02 dB/m, 1.2$\times$10$^{-4}$, >550 respectively, while the loss of the $x$-polarization is >20 dB/m. The proposed fiber may also be coiled to small bend radii while maintaining low bend-loss of $\approx$ 0.01--0.1 dB/m, and can potentially be used as polarization filter based on the different gap separations and bend conditions.



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