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Single-shot blind deconvolution in coherent diffraction imaging with coded aperture

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posted on 2023-05-08, 10:04 authored by Hideyuki Muneta, Ryoichi Horisaki, Yohei Nishizaki, Makoto Naruse, Jun Tanida
We present a method for single-shot blind deconvolution in coherent diffraction imaging. In our method, a complex amplitude object is illuminated with coherent light, and light from the object is captured through a coded aperture located on the pupil plane to reduce estimated variables. The complex amplitude field of the object is recovered from the single captured intensity image by a phase retrieval algorithm in which the coded aperture is utilized as a support to estimate the sparse pupil function. We numerically and experimentally demonstrate the proposed method. In the experiment, we evaluate its performance with ptychography, which is a method for multi-shot coherent diffraction imaging.


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Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JP20H02657,JP20K05361,JP20H05890,JP23H01874); Asahi Glass Foundation

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