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Single-shot deterministic complex amplitude imaging with a single-layer metalens

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posted on 2023-09-30, 16:00 authored by Liu Li, Shuai Wang, Feng Zhao, Yixin Zhang, Shun Wen, Huichao Chai, Yunhui Gao, Wenhui Wang, Liangcai Cao, Yuanmu Yang
Conventional imaging systems can only capture light intensity. Meanwhile, the lost phase information may be critical for a variety of applications such as label-free microscopy and optical metrology. Existing phase retrieval techniques typically require a bulky setup, multi-frame measurements, or prior information of the target scene. Here, we proposed an extremely compact system for complex amplitude imaging, leveraging the extreme versatility of a single-layer metalens to generate spatially-multiplexed and polarization-phase-shifted point spread functions. Combining the metalens with a polarization camera, the system can simultaneously record four polarization shearing interference patterns along both in-plane directions, thus allowing the deterministic reconstruction of the complex amplitude light field in a single shot. Using an incoherent light-emitting diode as the illumination, we experimentally demonstrated speckle-noise-free complex amplitude imaging for both static and moving objects with tailored magnification ratio and field-of-view. The miniaturized and robust system may open the door for complex amplitude imaging in portable devices for point-of-care applications.



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