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Single-shot fast 3D imaging through scattering media using structured illumination

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posted on 2023-01-12, 14:16 authored by Aiping Zhai, Yuancheng Li, Wenjing Zhao, Dong Wang
Conventional approaches for 3D imaging in or through scattering media are usually limited to 2D reconstruction of objects at some discontinuous locations, although the time-consuming iteration, guide-star, or complex system are implemented. How to quickly visualize dynamic 3D objects behind scattering media is still an open issue. Here, by using structured light illumination, we propose a single-shot technique that can quickly acquire continuous 3D surfaces of objects hidden behind the diffuser. The proposed method can realize the 3D imaging of single, multiple, and dynamic targets from the speckled structured light patterns under broad or narrow band light illumination, in which only once calibration of the imaging setup is needed before conducting the imaging. Our approach paves the way to quickly visualize dynamic objects behind scattering media in 3D and multispectral.



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