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Single-stage few-cycle nonlinear compression of milliJoule energy Ti:Sa femtosecond pulses in a multipass cell

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posted on 2023-01-12, 13:59 authored by Louis Daniault, Zhao Cheng, Jaismeen Kaur, Jean-FranÇOis Hergott, Fabrice RÉau, Olivier Tcherbakoff, Nour Daher, Xavier DÉlen, Marc Hanna, Rodrigo Lopez-Martens
We report on the nonlinear temporal compression of mJ energy pulses from a Ti:Sa chirped pulse amplifier system in a multipass cell filled with argon. The pulses are compressed from 30 fs down to 5.3 fs, corresponding to two optical cycles. The post-compressed beam exhibits excellent spatial quality and homogeneity. These results pave the way to robust and energy-scalable compression of Ti:Sa pulses down to the few-cycle regime.



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