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Single shot large field of view imaging with scattering media by spatial demultiplexing

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posted on 2023-11-30, 17:17 authored by Sujit Kumar Sahoo, Dongliang Tang, Cuong Dang
Optically focusing and imaging through strongly scattering media are challenging tasks but have widespread applications from scientific research to biomedical applications and daily life. Benefiting from the memory effect (ME) for speckle intensity correlations, only one single-shot speckle pattern can be used for the high quality recovery of the objects and avoiding some complicated procedures to reduce scattering effects. In spite of all the spatial information from a large object being embedded in a single speckle image, ME gives a strict limitation to the field of view (FOV) for imaging through scattering media. Objects beyond the ME region cannot be recovered and only produce unwanted speckle patterns, causing reduction in the speckle contrast and recovery quality. Here, we extract the spatial information by utilizing these unavoidable speckle patterns, and enlarge the FOV of the optical imaging system. Regional point spreading functions (PSFs), which are fixed and only need to be recorded once for all time use, are employed to recover corresponding spatial regions of an object by deconvolution algorithm. Then an automatic weighted averaging in an iterative process is performed to obtain the object with significantly enlarged FOV. Our results present an important step toward an advanced imaging technique with strongly scattering media.



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