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Space-confined solid-phase growth of two-domain 1T'-ReSe2 for tunable optoelectronics

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posted on 2023-10-24, 16:00 authored by Yunhao Tong, Fanyi Kong, Lei Zhang, Xinyi Hou, Zhengxian Zha, Zheng Hao, Jianxun Dai, Changsen Sun, Jingfeng Song, Huolin Huang, Chenhua Ji, Lujun Pan, Dawei Li
Two-dimensional layered ReX2 (X = Se, S) has attracted researcher's great interest due to its unusual in-plane anisotropic optical and electrical properties and great potential in polarization-sensitive optoelectronic devices, while the clean, energy-saving, and ecological synthesis of highly-crystalline ReSe2 with controlled domains remains challenging yet promising. Here, we develop a novel space-confined solid-phase approach for the growth of high-quality two-domain 1T'-ReSe2 with tunable optoelectronic properties by using pure Re powder film as Re precursor. The results show that ReSe2 can be grown at a temperature as low as 550 oC in a small-tube-assisted space-confined reactor, with its size and shape well-tailored via temperature control. A solid-phase two-domain ReSe2 growth mechanism is proposed, as evidenced by combining in-situ optical monitoring, ex-situ electron microscope and elemental mapping, and polarized optical imaging. Moreover, we have fabricated two-domain ReSe2 transistors, which exhibit switchable transport behavior between n-type and ambipolar character via grain boundary orientation control. This modulation phenomenon is attributed to the different doping levels between the grain boundary and the single domain. Furthermore, the as-fabricated two-domain ReSe2 photodetectors exhibit a highly gate-tunable current on-off ratio (with a maximum value of ~8.2x10^3), a polarization-sensitive photo-response, and a high-speed response time (~300 us), exceeding most of the previously reported ReX2 photodetectors. Our work thus provides a new, low-consumption, energy-saving growth strategy toward high-quality, domain-controlled ReX2 for highly tunable and high-performance optoelectronics.



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