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Spectrally pure photon pair generation in asymmetric heterogeneously coupled waveguides

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posted on 2023-01-12, 14:47 authored by Xiangyan Ding, Jing Ma, Liying Tan, Amr S. Helmy, Dongpeng Kang
In this work, we develop a design methodology to generate spectrally pure photon pairs in asymmetric heterogeneously coupled waveguides by spontaneous parametric down-conversion. Mode coupling in a system of waveguides is used to directly tailor the group velocity of a supermode to achieve group velocity matching (GVM) that is otherwise not allowed by material dispersion. Design examples based on thin film lithium niobate waveguides are provided, demonstrating high spectral purity and temperature tunability. This approach is a versatile strategy applicable to waveguides of different materials and structures, allowing more versatility in single-photon source designs.



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