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Spin-dependent metalens with intensity-adjustable dual-focused vortex beams

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posted on 2023-01-12, 13:57 authored by Qun Hao, Wenli Wang, Yao Hu, Shaohui Zhang, Shuo Zhang, Yu Zhang
Vortex beams with orbital angular momentum has been attracting tremendous attention due to their considerable applications ranging from optical tweezers to quantum information processing. Metalens, an ultra-compact and multifunctional device, provide a desired platform for designing vortex beams. A spin-dependent metalens can boost the freedom to further satisfy practical applications. By combining geometric phase and propagation phase, we propose and demonstrate an approach to design a spin-dependent metalens generating dual-focused vortex beams along longitudinal or transverse direction, i.e., metalenses with predesigned spin-dependent phase profiles. Under the illumination of an elliptical polarization incident beam, two spin-dependent focused vortex beams can be observed, and the relative focal intensity of them can be easily adjusted by modulating the ellipticity of the incident beam. Moreover, we also demonstrated that the separate distance between these dual-focused beams and their topological charges could be simultaneously tailored at will, which may have a profound impact on optical trapping and manipulation in photonics.



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