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State Transfer and Entanglement between Two- and Four-Level Atoms in A Cavity

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posted on 2023-02-26, 22:20 authored by Si-Wu Li, Tianfeng Feng, Xiao-Long Hu, Ze-Liang Xiang, Xiaoqi Zhou
Qudits with a large Hilbert space to host quantum information are widely utilized in various applications, such as quantum simulation and quantum computation, but the manipulation and scalability of qudits still face challenges. Here, we propose a scheme to directly and locally transfer quantum information from multiple atomic qubits to a single qudit and vice versa in an optical cavity. With the qubit-qudit interaction, our scheme can transfer quantum states efficiently and measurement-independently. In addition, this scheme can be extended to the non-local case, where a high-dimensional maximal entangled state with asymmetric particle numbers can be robustly generated for realizing long-distance quantum communication. Such an information interface for qubits and qudit may have enlightening significance for future research on quantum systems in hybrid dimensions.



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