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Steering line waves at a dual metasurface for optical applications

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posted on 2023-01-10, 02:58 authored by Haddi Ahmadi, Zahra Ahmadi, Nasrin Razmjooei, Amin Khavasi
Line waves are defined as confined edge modes propagating at the interface of dual electromagnetic metasurfaces that preserve mirror reflection symmetries. Previous works have theoretically and practically explored these waves, showing that they occur at microwave regimes and terahertz ranges. It is also demonstrated that line waves can happen when there is a symmetric resistance discontinuity from negative to positive values and a uniform surface reactance. Line waves are of tunable mode confinement, direction-dependent polarizations, and singular field enhancement. This study presents a graphene patch design and demonstrates that the line waves associated with this structure can travel in the optical domain. Our design consists of a graphene metasurface on an epsilon near zero (ENZ) substrate. While our approach considers both dual reactive impedances and homogenous reactive ones, we only concentrate on line wave utilization in a dual-impedance structure.



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