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Structured light analogy of squeezed state

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posted on 2023-01-10, 02:57 authored by Zhaoyang Wang, Ziyu Zhan, Anton N. Vetlugin, Qiang Liu, Yijie Shen, Xing Fu
Control of structured light is of great importance to explore fundamental physical effects and extend practical scientific applications, which has been advanced by accepting methods of quantum optics - many classical analogies of exotic quantum states were designed using structured modes. However, the prevailing quantum-like structured modes are limited by discrete states where the mode index is analog to the photon number state. Yet, beyond discrete states, there is a broad range of quantum states to be explored in the field of structured light -- continuous-variable (CV) states. As a typical example of CV states, squeezed state plays a prominent role in high-sensitivity interferometry and gravitational wave detection. In this work, we bring together two seemingly disparate branches of physics, namely, classical structured light and quantum squeezed state. We propose the structured light analogy of squeezed state (SLASS), which can break the spatial limit following the process of surpassing the standard quantum limit (SQL) with quantum squeezed states. This work paves the way for adopting methods from CV quantum states into structured light, opening new research directions of CV entanglement, teleportation, classical and quantum informatics of structured light in the future.



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