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Super-resolved Second Harmonic Generation Imaging by Coherent Image Scanning Microscopy

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posted on 2023-01-12, 13:48 authored by Dekel Raanan, Man Suk Song, William A Tisdale, Dan Oron
We extend image scanning microscopy to second harmonic generation (SHG) by extracting the complex field amplitude of the second-harmonic beam. While the theory behind coherent image scanning microscopy (ISM) is known, an experimental demonstration wasn't yet established. The main reason is that the naive intensity-reassignment procedure cannot be used for coherent scattering as the point spread function is now defined for the field amplitude rather than for the intensity. We use an inline interferometer to demonstrate super-resolved phase-sensitive SHG microscopy by applying the ISM reassignment machinery on the resolved field. This scheme can be easily extended to third harmonic generation and stimulated Raman microscopy schemes.



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