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Superconducting cavity piezo-electromechanics: the realization of an acoustic frequency comb at microwave frequencies

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posted on 2023-01-12, 16:03 authored by Xu Han, Chang-Ling Zou, Wei Fu, Mingrui Xu, Yuntao Xu, Hong X. Tang
We present a nonlinear multimode superconducting electroacoustic system, where the interplay between superconducting kinetic inductance and piezoelectric strong coupling establishes an effective Kerr nonlinearity among multiple acoustic modes at 10 GHz that could hardly be achieved via intrinsic mechanical nonlinearity. By exciting this multimode Kerr system with a single microwave tone, we further demonstrate a coherent electroacoustic frequency comb and provide theoretical understanding of multimode nonlinear interaction in the superstrong coupling limit. This nonlinear superconducting electroacoustic system sheds light on the active control of multimode resonator systems and offers an enabling platform for the dynamic study of microcombs at microwave frequencies.



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