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Symmetry-Protected Scattering in Non-Hermitian Linear Systems

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posted on 2023-01-11, 21:43 authored by L. Jin, Z. Song
Symmetry plays fundamental role in physics and the nature of symmetry changes in non-Hermitian physics. Here the symmetry-protected scattering in non-Hermitian linear systems is investigated by employing the discrete symmetries that classify the random matrices. The even-parity symmetries impose strict constraints on the scattering coefficients: the time-reversal (C and K) symmetries protect the symmetric transmission or reflection; the pseudo-Hermiticity (Q symmetry) or the inversion (P) symmetry protects the symmetric transmission and reflection. For the inversion-combined time-reversal symmetries, the symmetric features on the transmission and reflection interchange. The odd-parity symmetries including the particle-hole symmetry, chiral symmetry, and sublattice symmetry cannot ensure the scattering to be symmetric. These guiding principles are valid for both Hermitian and non-Hermitian linear systems. Our findings provide fundamental insights into symmetry and scattering ranging from condensed matter physics to quantum physics and optics.



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