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Systematic design of a robust half-W1 photonic crystal waveguide for interfacing slow light and trapped cold atoms

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posted on 2023-06-08, 13:01 authored by Adrien Bouscal, Malik Kemiche, Sukanya Mahapatra, Nikos Fayard, Jérémy Berroir, Tridib Ray, Jean-Jacques Greffet, Fabrice Raineri, Ariel Levenson, Kamel Bencheikh, Christophe Sauvan, Alban Urvoy, Julien Laurat
Novel platforms interfacing trapped cold atoms and guided light in nanoscale waveguides are a promising route to achieve a regime of strong coupling between light and atoms in single pass, with applications to quantum non-linear optics and quantum simulation. A strong challenge for the experimental development of this emerging waveguide-QED field of research is to combine facilitated optical access for atom transport, atom trapping via guided modes and robustness to inherent nanofabrication imperfections. In this endeavor, here we propose to interface Rubidium atoms with a photonic crystal waveguide based on a large-index GaInP slab. With a specifically tailored half-W1 design, we show that a large coupling to the waveguide can be obtained and guided modes can be used to form two-color dipole traps for atoms at about 100 nm from the edge of the structure. This optimized device should greatly improve the level of experimental control and facilitate the atom integration.



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