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The Bragg demagnifier: X-ray imaging with kilometer propagation distance within a meter

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posted on 2023-10-27, 16:00 authored by Rebecca Spiecker, Martin Spiecker, Adyasha Biswal, Mykola Shcherbinin, Tilo Baumbach
We introduce a new X-ray imaging technique to facilitate propagation-based phase contrast of large, centimeter-sized samples. The diffracted X-ray wavefield behind the sample is demagnified by asymmetric Bragg crystal optics, thereby virtually increasing the propagation distance and thus enhancing the image contrast. We demonstrate the significant increase in image contrast compared to conventional phase contrast imaging at the same short physical propagation distance. Additionally, the Bragg demagnifier enables the reduction of image blur caused by the finite X-ray source size. In combination with a subsequent Bragg magnifier, the method will allow for an even higher dose efficiency, rendering this technique a potential candidate for, e.g., low-dose (bio)medical diagnostics.



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