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The Ground State Decoherence Effect on an Amplification of a Phase Sensitive Δ System

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posted on 2023-08-18, 07:39 authored by Beena Pramoth, AYYAPPAN JAYARAMAN, SURESH BABU N
The atomic decoherence effect (DE) on electromagnetically induced transparency(EIT) is studied in the phase-sensitive ∆ system. The DE forces the susceptibility of the medium into negative or positive depending upon the resultant phase and the microwave field strength. In general, the phase-sensitive amplification (PSA) on the probe resonance laser field is induced by the microwave field. The DE plays a major role in tuning the PSA in such a medium. Moreover, we show that the control of the ground state decoherence in a phase-sensitive ∆ system leads to the gain in the output of the probe field. The DE is of great interest in the field of quantum information science, and quantum optics.


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