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The Impact of Tamm Plasmons on Photonic Crystals Technology

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posted on 2023-01-12, 15:42 authored by Simone Normani, Francesco Federico Carboni, Guglielmo Lanzani, Francesco Scotognella, Giuseppe Maria Paternò
This review describes hybrid photonic-plasmonic structures based on periodic structures that have metallic coatings or inserts which make use of the Tamm plasmon for sensing applications. The term Tamm plasmon refers a particular resonance resulting from the enhancement of a surface plasmon resonance absorption via coupling to a wavelength-matching photonic bandgap provided by a photonic crystal. Tamm plasmon-based devices come in an ample variety of material and geometric combinations, each designed to perform a specific kind of measurement. While the physical effect is quite well documented and understood, its implementation in devices is still a rapidly developing and thriving field, which leaves open many possibilities for novel designs and new applications. We therefore aim of giving a complete overview on the topic, so as to provide an ordered collection of designs and uses, as well as to spur further development on the subject of the Tamm plasmon for sensing applications.



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