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The infinity-loop microresonator: A new integrated photonic structure working on an exceptional surface

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posted on 2023-05-25, 16:01 authored by Riccardo Franchi, Stefano Biasi, Diego Piciocchi, Lorenzo Pavesi
Exceptional points, where eigenvalues and eigenvectors coalesce, impact the behavior of different photonics components that show, e.g., enhanced sensing, coherent perfect absorption, unidirectional lasing, and chirality. However, only a few passive geometries have been developed that work on these points. Here, we introduce a novel non-Hermitian structure based on a microresonator shaped as the infinity symbol twice coupled to a bus waveguide: the infinity-loop microresonator. Unlike other structures working on an exceptional surface, the infinity-loop microresonator can achieve either high- or low-contrast unidirectional reflection with a negligible or identical reflection for counterpropagating light. It allows an easy walking through the Riemann sheet by simply controlling the phase of the light propagating in the bus waveguide, which makes it a tunable component to build more complex topological structures. Furthermore, the infinity-loop microresonator allows sensors that show the features of both an exceptional point device and a diabolic point device simultaneously.



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