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The Influence of Absorption and Gain on Photonic Density of States

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posted on 2023-11-30, 17:09 authored by A. H. Gevorgyan, K. B. Oganesyan, N. Sh. Izmailian, E. A. Ayryan, Z. Mansurov, B. Lesbayev, G. Lavrelashvili, M. Hnatic, Yu. V. Rostovtsev, G. Kurizki, M. O. Scully
The photonic density of states (PDS) of the eigen polarizations (EPs) in cholesteric liquid crystal (CLC) cells are calculated. The exact analytic expressions for the reflection and transmission matrices for the finite thickness CLC layer are used. We obtained the dependences for the PDS on the parameters characterizing absorption and gain, as well as the CLC cell thickness, CLC local dielectric anisotropy and refractive index of CLC layer surrounding. The possibility of connections between the PDS and the density of the light energy accumulated in the medium are investigated and it was shown that these characteristics have analogous spectra and, besides, the influences of the problem parameters on these characteristics also were analogous. We have shown, that the decrement of the refractive index of CLC layer surroundings leads to a sharp increase of the maximum PDS and, consequently, leads to a sharp decrement of the laser excitation threshold. The PDS dependence on the refraction coefficients of the substrates of the Fabry-Perot resonator filled with a CLC planar layer was investigated, too. It is shown that the subject system can work as a low threshold laser or a multi-position trigger.



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