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The effects of light-wave nonstaticity on accompanying geometric-phase evolutions

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posted on 2023-01-11, 23:14 authored by Jeong Ryeol Choi
Quantum mechanics allows the emergence of nonstatic quantum light waves in the Fock state even in a transparent medium of which electromagnetic parameters do not vary over time. Such wave packets become broad and narrow in turn periodically in time in the quadrature space. We investigate the effects of wave nonstaticity arisen in a static environment on the behavior of accompanying geometric phases in the Fock states. In this case, the geometric phases appear only when the measure of nonstaticity is not zero and their time behavior is deeply related to the measure of nonstaticity. While the dynamical phases undergo linear decrease over time, the geometric phases exhibit somewhat oscillatory behavior where the center of oscillation linearly increases. In particular, if the measure of nonstaticity is sufficiently high, the geometric phases abruptly change whenever the waves become narrow in the quadrature space. The understanding for the phase evolution of nonstatic light waves is necessary in their technological applications regarding wave modulations.



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