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The third- and fourth-order orbital angular momentum multiplexed amplification with ultra-low differential mode gain

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posted on 2023-01-12, 13:50 authored by TianJin Wen, Shecheng Gao, Wei Li, Jiajing Tu, Cheng Du, Ji Zhou, Bin Zhang, Weiping Liu, Zhaohui Li
In this Letter, a ring-core erbium-doped fiber (RC-EDF), with two-layer erbium-doped structure, supporting up to the fourth-order orbital angular momentum (OAM) mode is designed and fabricated for OAM mode multiplexed amplification. Using the RC-EDF, the third- and fourth-order OAM modes amplification with ultra-low differential mode gain (DMG) is demonstrated by observing both the modal intensity and phase distribution and measuring the modal gain under the fundamental mode core-pumping. The measured average gain of four modes (l=+3, -3, +4, -4) multiplexed amplification is higher than 19dB cover the C-band and the DMG is less than 1dB. Additionally, the gain of two conjugate OAM modes are almost the same under different pump power no matter they are amplified simultaneously or separately.



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