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Thermo-acoustics and its detection in a premixed flame

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posted on 2023-01-12, 15:59 authored by Ratan Joarder, Siba P. Choudhury, Syam S., Nagendra Singh, S. K. Biswas
A new optical technique based on light-matter interaction is devised in-house to detect thermo-acoustic disturbances generated after ignition and during propagation of a premixed flame front in a half open channel. The technique involves passing a polarized laser light through a medium whose density or refractive index varies due to the passage of acoustic waves and/or flame front and then capturing the leaked depolarised light through an analyser by a photo-detector. The technique is applied to combustor involving premixed flame propagation and tulip inversion. The thermo-acoustic signals and the flame front are distinguished by comparing the oscilloscope signal with high speed photography of the flow-field. Acoustic waves are found to intercept the flame propagation at various axial locations and time instants.



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