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Topological photonics: fundamental concepts, recent developments, and future directions

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posted on 2023-05-30, 16:00 authored by Mahmoud Jalali Mehrabad, Sunil Mittal, Mohammad Hafezi
Topological photonics is emerging as a new paradigm for the development of both classical and quantum photonic architectures. What makes topological photonics remarkably intriguing is the built-in protection as well as intrinsic unidirectionality of light propagation, which originates from the robustness of global topological invariants. In this Perspective, we present an intuitive and concise pedagogical overview of fundamental concepts in topological photonics. Then, we review the recent developments of the main activity areas of this field, categorized into linear, nonlinear, and quantum regimes. For each section, we discuss both current and potential future directions, as well as remaining challenges and elusive questions regarding the implementation of topological ideas in photonics systems.



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