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Towards a Broad-Band Coherent Perfect Absorption in systems without Scale-Invariance

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posted on 2023-01-11, 22:12 authored by Suwun Suwunnarat, Yaqian Tang, Mattis Reisner, Fabrice Mortessagne, Ulrich Kuhl, Tsampikos Kottos
We experimentally and theoretically challenge the concept of coherent perfect absorption (CPA) as a narrow frequency resonant mechanism associated with scattering processes that respect scale-invariance. Using a microwave platform, consisting of a lossy nonlinear resonator coupled to two interrogating antennas, we show that a coherent incident excitation can trigger a self-induced perfect absorption once its intensity exceeds a critical value. Importantly, a (near) perfect absorption persists for a broad band frequency range around the nonlinear CPA condition. Its origin is traced to a quartic behavior that the absorbance spectrum acquires in the proximity of a CPA associated with a new kind of exceptional point degeneracy related to the zeros of the nonlinear scattering operator.



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