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Tracing multiple scattering trajectories for deep optical imaging in scattering media

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posted on 2023-02-22, 17:00 authored by Sungsam Kang, Yongwoo Kwon, Hojun Lee, Seho Kim, Jin Hee Hong, Seokchan Yoon, Wonshik Choi
Multiple light scattering hampers imaging objects in complex scattering media. Approaches used in real practices mainly aim to filter out multiple scattering obscuring the ballistic waves that travel straight through the scattering medium. Here, we propose a method that makes the deterministic use of multiple scattering for microscopic imaging of an object embedded deep within scattering media. The proposed method finds a stack of multiple complex phase plates that generate similar light trajectories as the original scattering medium. By implementing the inverse scattering using the identified phase plates, our method rectifies multiple scattering and amplifies ballistic waves by almost 600 times, which leads to a substantial increase in imaging depth. Our study marks an important milestone in solving the longstanding high-order inverse scattering problems.



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