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Transition to strong coupling regime in hybrid plasmonic systems: Exciton-induced transparency and Fano interference

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posted on 2023-01-11, 23:01 authored by Tigran V. Shahbazyan
We present a microscopic model describing the transition to strong coupling regime for an emitter resonantly coupled to a surface plasmon in a metal-dielectric structure. We demonstrate that the shape of scattering spectra is determined by an interplay of two distinct mechanisms. First is the near-field coupling between the emitter and the plasmon mode which underpins energy exchange between the system components and gives rise to exciton-induced transparency minimum in scattering spectra prior the transition to strong coupling regime. The second mechanism is Fano interference between the plasmon dipole and the plasmon-induced emitter's dipole as the system interacts with the radiation field. We show that the Fano interference can strongly affect the overall shape of scattering spectra, leading to the inversion of spectral asymmetry that was recently reported in the experiment.



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