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Transmittable Nonreciprocal Cloaking

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posted on 2023-01-10, 02:45 authored by Mojtaba Dehmollaian, Guillaume Lavigne, Christophe Caloz
Cloaking is typically reciprocal. We introduce here the concept of \emph{transmittable nonreciprocal cloaking} whereby the cloaking system operates as a standard omnidirectional cloak for external illumination, but can transmit light from its center outwards at will. We demonstrate a specific implementation of such cloaking that consists in a set of concentric bianisotropic metasurfaces whose innermost element is nonreciprocal and designed to simultaneously block inward waves and pass -- either omnidirectionaly or directionally -- outward waves. Such cloaking represents a fundamental diversification of conventional cloaking and may find applications in areas such as stealth, blockage avoidance, illusion and cooling.



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