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Transport of topologically protected photonic waveguide on chip

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posted on 2023-04-27, 16:01 authored by Sai Yan, Jingnan Yang, Shushu Shi, Zhanchun Zuo, Can Wang, Xiulai Xu
We propose a new design on integrated optical devices on-chip with an extra width degree of freedom by using a photonic crystal waveguide with Dirac points between two photonic crystals with opposite valley Chern numbers. With such an extra waveguide, we demonstrate numerically that the topologically protected photonic waveguide keeps properties of valley-locking and immunity to defects. Due to the design flexibility of the width-tunable topologically protected photonic waveguide, many unique on-chip integrated devices have been proposed, such as energy concentrators with a concentration efficiency improvement by more than one order of magnitude, topological photonic power splitter with arbitrary power splitting ratio. The topologically protected photonic waveguide with the width degree of freedom could be beneficial for scaling up photonic devices, which provides a new flexible platform to implement integrated photonic networks on chip.



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