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Triple Coding Empowered FDMA-CDMA Mode High Security CAOS Camera

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posted on 2023-01-11, 23:16 authored by Nabeel A. Riza, Mohsin A. Mazhar
For the first time, the hybrid triple coding empowered Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA) Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) mode of the CAOS (i.e., Coded Access Optical Sensor) camera is demonstrated. Compared to the independent FDMA and CDMA modes, the FDMA-CDMA mode has a novel high security space-time-frequency triple signal encoding design for robust, faster, linear irradiance extraction at a moderately High Dynamic Range (HDR). Specifically, this hybrid mode simultaneously combines the linear HDR strength of the FDMA mode Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Digital Signal Processing (DSP)-based spectrum analysis with the high Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) provided by the many simultaneous CAOS pixels photodetection of the CDMA mode. In particular, the demonstrated FDMA CDMA mode with P FDMA channels provides a P times faster camera operation versus the equivalent linear HDR Frequency Modulation (FM)CDMA mode. The active FDMA CDMA mode CAOS camera operation is also demonstrated using P equal to 3 LED light sources, each with its unique optical spectral content driven by its independent FDMA frequency. This illuminated target spectral signature matched active CAOS mode allows simultaneous capture of P images without the use of P time multiplexed slots operation tunable optical filter.



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