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Tunable strong plasmon-exciton coupling based on borophene and deep subwavelength perovskite grating

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posted on 2023-01-10, 02:49 authored by Xiao-Fei Yan, Qi Lin, Gui-Dong Liu, Ling-Ling Wang
Two-dimensional materials support deeply confined and tunable plasmonic modes, which have great potential for achieving device miniaturization and flexible manipulation. In this paper, we propose a diffraction-unlimited system composed of borophene layer and perovskite grating to investigate the strong coupling between the borophene guiding plasmon (BGP) and perovskite exciton (PE) mode. The resonant energy of BGP mode could be electrically tuned to match the energy of PE mode, and a remarkable Rabi splitting is attained under zero-detuning condition. The splitting energy could reach 230 meV due to the strong field enhancement provided by BGP mode. Consequently, an active reflective phase modulation with 1.76{\pi} range is achieved by dynamically manipulating the detuning. Furthermore, by increasing the distance between the borophene layer and perovskite grating, a parity-time symmetry breaking could be observed with the vanished energy splitting. Our results deepen the understanding of light-matter interaction at the sub-wavelength scale and provide a guideline for designing active plasmonic devices.



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