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Twist-Induced Hyperbolic Shear Metasurfaces

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posted on 2023-06-07, 16:02 authored by Simon Yves, Emanuele Galiffi, Xiang Ni, Enrico Maria Renzi, Andrea Alù
Following the discovery of moir\'e-driven superconductivity in twisted graphene multilayers, twistronics has spurred a surge of interest in tailored broken symmetries through angular rotations, enabling new properties from electronics to photonics and phononics. Analogously, in monoclinic polar crystals a nontrivial angle between non-degenerate dipolar phonon resonances can naturally emerge due to asymmetries in their crystal lattice, and its variations are associated with intriguing polaritonic phenomena, including axial dispersion, i.e., a rotation of the optical axis with frequency, and microscopic shear effects that result in asymmetric loss distributions. So far these phenomena were restricted to specific mid-infrared frequencies, difficult to access with conventional lasers, and fundamentally limited by the degree of asymmetry and the strength of light-matter interactions available in natural crystals. Here, we leverage twistronics to demonstrate giant axial dispersion and loss asymmetry of hyperbolic waves in elastic metasurfaces, by tailoring the angle between coupled pairs of anisotropic metasurfaces. We show extreme control over elastic wave dispersion via the twist angle, and leverage the resulting phenomena to demonstrate reflection-free negative refraction, as well as the application of axial dispersion to achieve diffraction-free non-destructive testing, whereby the angular direction of a hyperbolic probe wave is encoded into its frequency. Our work welds the concepts of twistronics, non-Hermiticity and extreme anisotropy, demonstrating the powerful opportunities enabled by metasurfaces for tunable, highly directional surface acoustic wave propagation, of great interest for applications ranging from seismic mitigation to on-chip phononics and wireless communications, paving the way towards their translation into emerging photonic and polaritonic metasurface technologies.



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