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Two-beam Coupling in the Production of Quantum Correlated Images by Four-wave Mixing

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posted on 2023-01-11, 22:42 authored by Meng-Chang Wu, Nicholas R. Brewer, Rory W. Speirs, Kevin M. Jones, Paul D. Lett
We investigate the effect of 2-beam coupling in different imaging geometries in generating intensity-difference squeezing from four-wave mixing (4WM) in Rb atomic vapors. A recently-introduced dual-seeding technique can cancel out the classical noise in a seeded four-wave mixing process. This dual-seeding technique, however, can introduce new complications that involve 2-beam coupling between different seeded spatial modes in the atomic vapor and can ruin squeezing at frequencies on the order of the atomic linewidth and below. This complicates some forms of quantum imaging using these systems. Here we show that seeding the 4WM process with skew rays can eliminate the excess noise caused by 2-beam coupling. To avoid 2-beam coupling in bright, seeded images, it is important to re-image the object in the gain medium, instead of focussing through it.



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