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Two-colour dissipative solitons and breathers in microresonator second-harmonic generation

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posted on 2023-05-24, 16:01 authored by Juanjuan Lu, Danila N. Puzyrev, Vladislav V. Pankratov, Dmitry V. Skryabin, Fengyan Yang, Zheng Gong, Joshua B. Surya, Hong X. Tang
Frequency conversion of dissipative solitons associated with the generation of broadband optical frequency combs having a tooth spacing of hundreds of giga-hertz is a topical challenge holding the key to practical applications in precision spectroscopy and data processing. The work in this direction is underpinned by fundamental problems in nonlinear and quantum optics. Here, we present the dissipative two-colour bright-bright and dark-dark solitons in a quasi-phase-matched microresonator pumped for the second-harmonic generation in the near-infrared spectral range. We also found the breather states associated with the pulse front motion and collisions. The soliton regime is found to be typical in slightly phase-mismatched resonators, while the phase-matched ones reveal broader but incoherent spectra and higher-order harmonic generation. Soliton and breather effects reported here exist for the negative tilt of the resonance line, which is possible only via the dominant contribution of second-order nonlinearity.



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