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Ultra-low-noise supercontinuum generation with a flat near-zero normal dispersion fiber

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posted on 2023-02-14, 21:41 authored by Shreesha Rao D. S., Rasmus D. Engelsholm, Iván B. Gonzalo, Binbin Zhou, Patrick Bowen, Peter M. Moselund, Ole Bang, Morten Bache
A pure silica photonic crystal fiber with a group velocity dispersion ($\beta_2$) of 4 ps$^2$/km at 1.55 $\mu$m and less than 7 ps$^2$/km from 1.32 $\mu$m to the zero dispersion wavelength (ZDW) 1.80 $\mu$m was designed and fabricated. The dispersion of the fiber was measured experimentally and found to agree with the fiber design, which also provides low loss below 1.83 $\mu$m due to eight outer rings with increased hole diameter. The fiber was pumped with a 1.55 $\mu$m, 125 fs laser and, at the maximum in-coupled peak power (P$_0$) of 9 kW, a 1.34$-$1.82 $\mu$m low-noise spectrum with a relative intensity noise below 2.2\% was measured. The numerical modeling agreed very well with the experiments and showed that P$_0$ could be increased to 26 kW before noise from solitons above the ZDW started to influence the spectrum by pushing high-noise dispersive waves through the spectrum.



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