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Ultra-thin, High-efficiency Mid-Infrared Transmissive Huygens Meta-Optics

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posted on 2023-11-30, 17:14 authored by Hanyu Zheng, Jun Ding, Li Zhang, Sensong An, Hongtao Lin, Bowen Zheng, Qingyang Du, Gufan Yin, Jerome Michon, Yifei Zhang, Zhuoran Fang, Longjiang Deng, Tian Gu, Hualiang Zhang, Juejun Hu
The mid-infrared (mid-IR) is a strategically important band for numerous applications ranging from night vision to biochemical sensing. Unlike visible or near-infrared optical parts which are commonplace and economically available off-the-shelf, mid-IR optics often requires exotic materials or complicated processing, which accounts for their high cost and inferior quality compared to their visible or near-infrared counterparts. Here we theoretically analyzed and experimentally realized a Huygens metasurface platform capable of fulfilling a diverse cross-section of optical functions in the mid-IR. The meta-optical elements were constructed using high-index chalcogenide films deposited on fluoride substrates:the choices of wide-band transparent materials allow the design to be scaled across a broad infrared spectrum. Capitalizing on a novel two-component Huygens' meta-atom design, the meta-optical devices feature an ultra-thin profile ($\lambda_0/8$ in thickness, where $\lambda_0$ is the free-space wavelength) and measured optical efficiencies up to 75% in transmissive mode, both of which represent major improvements over state-of-the-art. We have also demonstrated, for the first time, mid-IR transmissive meta-lenses with diffraction-limited focusing and imaging performance. The projected size, weight and power advantages, coupled with the manufacturing scalability leveraging standard microfabrication technologies, make the Huygens meta-optical devices promising for next-generation mid-IR system applications.



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