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Ultrafast Plasmon-mediated Superradiance from Vertically Standing Molecules in Metallic Nanocavities

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posted on 2023-03-08, 17:00 authored by Yuan Zhang, Yuxin Niu, Shunping Zhang, Yao Zhang, Shi-Lei Su, Guangchao Zheng, Luxia Wang, Gang Chen, Hongxing Xu, Chongxin Shan
Plasmon-mediated superradiance for molecules around metallic nanospheres was proposed ten years ago. However, its demonstration has not been achieved yet due to the experimental difficulty of positioning molecules, and the theoretical limitation to the enhanced collective rate of low excited molecules. In this Letter, we propose that the ultrafast plasmon-mediated superradiant pulses can be observed with strongly excited methylene blue molecules standing vertically inside gold nanoparticle-on-mirror nanocavities. Our simulations indicate that in this system the molecules could interact with each other via plasmon- and free-space mediated coherent and dissipative coupling. More importantly, the coherent coupling mediated by short-ranged propagating surface plasmons cancel largely the direct dipole-dipole coupling mediated by the free-space field, and the dominated dissipative coupling mediated by relatively long-ranged gap plasmons enables the ultrafast superradiant pulses within picosecond scale. Our study opens up the possibility of studying the rich superradiant effects from the quantum emitters in a sub-wavelength volumn by engineering the plasmonic environments.



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