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Universal mask for hard X rays

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posted on 2023-03-17, 15:34 authored by David Ceddia, Alaleh Aminzadeh, Philip Cook, Daniele Pelliccia, Andrew Kingston, David Paganin
Multiple exposures, of a single illuminated non-configurable mask that is transversely displaced to a number of specified positions, can be used to create any desired distribution of radiant exposure. An experimental proof-of-concept is given for this idea, employing hard X rays. The method is termed "ghost projection'', since it may be viewed as a reversed form of classical ghost imaging. The written pattern is arbitrary, up to a tunable constant offset, together with a limiting spatial resolution that is governed by the finest features present in the illuminated mask. The method, which is immune to both proximity-correction and aspect-ratio issues, can be used to make a universal lithographic mask in the hard-X-ray regime. Ghost projection may also be used as a dynamically-configurable beam-shaping element, namely the hard-X-ray equivalent of a spatial light modulator. The idea may be applied to other forms of radiation and matter waves, such as gamma rays, neutrons, electrons, muons, and atomic beams.


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Australian Research Council; European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

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