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Unleashing infinite momentum bandgap using resonant material systems

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posted on 2023-10-06, 16:00 authored by X. Wang, P. Garg, M. S. Mirmoosa, A. G. Lamprianidis, C. Rockstuhl, V. S. Asadchy
The realization of photonic time crystals is a major opportunity but also comes with significant challenges. The most pressing one, potentially, is the requirement for a substantial modulation strength in the material properties to create a noticeable momentum bandgap. Reaching that noticeable bandgap in optics is highly demanding with current, and possibly also future, material platforms since their modulation strength is small by tendency. Here we demonstrate that by introducing temporal variations in a resonant material, the momentum bandgap can be drastically expanded, potentially approaching infinity with modulation strengths in reach with known low-loss materials and realistic laser pump powers. The resonance can emerge from an intrinsic material resonance or a suitably spatially structured material supporting a structural resonance. Our concept is validated for resonant bulk media and optical metasurfaces and paves the way toward the first experimental realizations of photonic time crystals.



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